PWSIM team of expert engineers has more than 15 years of experience in the field of power systems, electromechanical design and power electronics

The combination of electrical engineering knowledge and experience makes PWSIM a partner of choice to support the development of your simulation projects.

Our electrical expert engineers can assist on different domains of expertise.

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Power systems

  • Load Flow
  • Short Circuit
  • Harmonics
  • Voltage Stability
  • Transient Stability
  • Motor Starting
  • Arc Flash Hazard
  • Protective Device Coordination
  • Substation Grounding
  • Cable Ampacity Studies
  • Development of Power Systems Models

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  • High-precision FEA Calculations
  • Coupled Multi-physic Analyses
  • Efficiency Map Generations
  • Advanced Loss Calculations
  • Inductance Calculations
  • SILS/HILS Integration
  • Pre-designer Analyses

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Power Electronics

  • Transient simulations
  • Frequency scan
  • Optimization
  • Develop advanced model of component / devices
  • Improve existing models (add new behaviors, take into account other physics domains)
  • Perform parametric and statistical analyses (Monte carlo, Pareto) stress, sensitivity, worst case and fault analysis (FMEA)


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