Design of control system

SmartCtrl is a controller design software specifically for power electronics applications. It features a friendly interface, simple workflow, and easy to understand display of control loop stability and performance. Using SmartCtrl, one can design controllers of various power converters easily and very quickly.

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SIMBA is a simulation environment for power conversion and control that will allow your group to gain a competitive edge. With SIMBA’s powerful simulation environment, it will allow you to work more efficiently, reducing the development cost and time-to-market. It is one of the fastest simulators for power electronics simulation. It achieves fast simulation while retaining excellent simulation accuracy. This makes it particularly efficient in simulating converter systems of any size, and performing multiple-cycle simulation. There are many optional add-on Modules available to address specific needs in various applications. These Modules give you the flexibility to tailor SIMBA for your own needs, and significantly enhance SIMBA’s capability.

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Types of analysis:

Calculation of topologies, thermal and loss


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