Power electronics simulation with PSIM and SmartCtrl

Acquire abilities in PSIM software about power electronics simulations such as determine the design performance measure, focus of robust design techniques; Implement a model in a manner that balances the trade-off between fidelity, ease-of implementation, and simulation speed; Simulate to determine the nominal system response...

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Robust design using SaberRD

Apply the steps of the robust design methodology that leverages a virtual prototype. Use the Saber Simulator to apply the steps of this methodology. This Robust Design workshop teaches a practical methodology for implementing a robust design flow using simulation. The class concentrates on methodology and walks you through the steps that lead to quality, cost-effective design.

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Insulation coordination analysis with EMTP

Get familiar with the usage of EMT-type software and the study of power-system transients. How to model power-systems, what scenarios to run and how to interpret and verify results are as many questions that will be addressed. The software EMTP is used for demonstrating concepts and teaching through practical cases. Prior experience with EMTP is not required.

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